MY 46


We asked our team what the 46th Presidential Term means

to them, and this is what they said:

"The 46th presidential term is a chance for us to move away from the downward turn that our country has taken and go back to having a president that supports the rights of all Americans, including their access to healthcare and services. I want the 46th presidential term to be a marking of America supporting a candidate that will improve America's police system, healthcare system, and impact on the environment. Americans are ready to be considered a leader and a respected country in the world again. We have two candidates that both have flaws, but one is clearly on the side of science, kindness, and equality."

"Change. Resilience. Compassion. Responsibility. Trust. That is what the 46th presidential term means to me. Many GenZers including myself, the current political state and well-being of our nation has left us in confusion, hardship, and frustration. The COVID-19 pandemic has placed obstacles in our lives that are consequential but could have been prevented. We have also witnessed that waiting around for our government to make the change that was needed long ago is not enough. I can and WILL NOT wait around and contribute to passive solutions any longer.

My vote matters, our vote is change. I want the 46th presidential term to stand for a new era where politicians can hold each other accountable for the mistakes of the past. It will consist of a higher level of awareness, of motivation and persistence that GenZ must use to prevent the wrong people to decide our future for us. Only 46 days left. Let’s make every day count. Every second, every ounce of energy. No regrets."

"I want the 46th Presidential Term to not just "tolerate" those who are different, but to accept and celebrate them. I want it to take climate change seriously because these wildfires, hurricanes, De Rechos, tornados, etc. are no joke. I want to feel inclined to come together with those different than myself rather than pitting us against each other and instigating violence and dissonance. I want to be proud to be an American again!

The 46th Presidential Term for me means hope. Hope that we can turn things around. Hope that those less privileged are supported in ways that have not happened before. Hope for systemic racial change, hope for climate change activation, hope for social issues to become important in EVERYONE'S life. Hope that we can come together as Americans and understand what it means to be a decent human being; something I have not seen in the last 4 years."

"The 46th Presidential Term to me means rebirth. This is the first time I will be voting, and I want to make it count! 46 is a chance for OUR vote to be heard. We finally can voice our opinions, our hopes, and dreams; It is a chance for us to beat supremacy, oppression, and a chance to succeed. In this 46th Presidential Term, the voices that have been silenced for centuries will make a difference. I’m ready, bring on the ballot!"


“I want the 46th Presidential Term to be about the people, not just the extremely wealthy few. To me, this election is about ushering in change in the form of voting for issues that we as GenZ care about, such as climate change, human rights, female reproductive rights, as well as many others.” 


"The 46th Presidency is a chance for us to come together and make a difference. I am voting in this election because I care about combating environmental racism, reducing climate change, increasing access to healthcare, improving funding for education, and raising awareness of all the different types of diversity that exist in the world!"

- Ivy

Featured Voter

"From this 46th Presidential Term I want to see empathy and compassion back in the White House. The president has the power to impact and influence the opinions and actions of so many Americans - we need someone in power who is going to promote progress and inspire positive change, both in policies and in the spirits of everyday people.


The 46th Presidential Term to me represents change. Not just a change in the faces that will occupy the White House, but the start of a long process of systemic changes. People are realizing that many aspects of our American systems are broken and are in need of repair or reshaping entirely, and are more than ready to hold those in power accountable. It will be an arduous process, but our generation has shown that we are ready to put up a fight."

"Indeed, it is a new era in which a new generation shall have the privilege, opportunity, but mostly importantly the right  to voice their concerns. Concerns that surged through an entire childhood filled with troubles and that can now be spoken out on to bring about a change. As a first time voter, I can say that I’ve anticipated the  46th presidential election long enough; I finally will be able to exercise my freedom of speech to influence the country’s future as well as my own personal life. It may just be a one-in-a- million vote, but I have a lot to say in it, and therefore I trust this new generation of voters too- especially with new youth advocating reform movements seeking to change our society day by day, minute by minute. The youth is the future, and I have the honor of being today's youth. Voting in the 46th presidential election will demonstrate a new generation demanding notice in human rights, inclusion of diverse groups, equity and representation for underrepresented groups, a change to social injustice, a rise to objection in systemic prejudice and ultimately the need to tackle health issues rapidly at low expenditures. Additionally, in this election, the people of many distinct backgrounds will be the very ones to address the uncomfortability/injustices which this nation has failed to amend, until now."


Upcoming Featured Voter