Our Mission:

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To create an authentic "by Gen Z for Gen Z" voter education campaign that leverages our creative and marketing backgrounds in order to empower our generation to take civic responsibility this election around the issues that we care about, because we know that if we don't vote, someone else will vote for us--and in 2020, that is not an option. 


Our top social issues:

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Voter Suppression

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Climate Change

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Screen Shot 2020-09-03 at 3.19.43 PM.png

Female Health Access/Reproductive Rights

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Systemic Racial Inequality/Human & Civil Rights

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Economic Crisis/Unemployment

These are all universal, present-day issues that we care about.

We represent ONE in TEN eligible voters in 2020, and

we're going to make our voices heard at the polls/via the

mail-in-ballots this election--we're here to ensure that.


Oh, and voter suppression? We won't stand for that either.


That's why we're creating the GEN Z VOTES

campaign of a lifetime.

By GEN Z for GEN Z.


Our vote.

our reality.