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Who you vote for/how you vote

is private information, but your voter registration party

affiliation, and address are

public information.

My vote is not

public information.

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Unlike President Trump has stated, absentee voting and mail-in voting are the EXACT same thing!


It is illegal to tell others who

you voted for.

It is your right to keep it private, but you are allowed to tell whomever you want which candidate/issues you voted for.


I can't vote if the address on my license is different than where I currently live.

Even if you've moved since

updating your driver's license, you still are fully within your rights to vote. Your driver's license is used to confirm your identity,

so the address listed doesn't matter.


Election workers can

help me if I have a question at the polling place. 

These workers are informed

voters who can assist you. 

They are qualified and trained

to answer any questions you

may have.

Absentee voting and Mail-In 

voting are different.


You have to vote

for every office

and proposition

on the ballot.

You are only required 

to vote for the offices

or props you feel

knowledgable about.

But let us help you get

prepared so you CAN

vote for all the offices.

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You can request a sample ballot in your state for the election.

You are allowed to see the ballot

before the election.

Go HERE to see what your

ballot will look like!



Voting in-state as a student will make me lose my federal aid.

Voting in the state you are from (if it

differs from the state you attend college)

will not affect your federal aid  (including

Pell Grants or loans) or most scholarships.


I can

vote twice!

No, that is considered

double voting, and

it is illegal. You can,

however, vote in an

entirely different election, in four years from now, and then you have voted twice!

Here are some reliable, trusted sources:

- Established Journals

- Publications with data citations

- Mainline News Outlets

Here are some unreliable sources:

- Social Media

- Partisan News Networks

- Editorials/Blogs

- Citizen Journalists