Our Vote. Our Reality 

The 2020 election is a character-defining

moment in a character-defining year. 

Especially for Gen Z, who are feeling the pressure of showing up for their futures, their communities, and the world in this year's vote as they make up one of every 10 eligible voters.  Join us in exploring the story of one of these Gen Z voters, an immigrant from the Dominican Republic who is voting for the first time and is determined to cast his ballot for a better future for his family.  Not even a diagnosis of his entire household of COVID-19, the loss of employment of his parents, nor having to work side jobs while finishing up his senior year of college will stop him from exercising his right to have his voice heard.  

Produced by Consciously Studio and Bring on the Ballot

Creator & Executive Producer:  Siria Contreras

Producer/Script Supervisor: Claire Davis

Producer: Britt Witt

Consulting Producer: Byron Turk

Creative Director: Jessica Vaage

Starring: Estarlyn Hiraldo

Music By: Starling